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     A simple hello can change everything


Hi, and welcome to nomi. We’re an independent creative collective, based in Hamburg.

We love to get people excited about brands. With ideas that stick in your head and heart.

And stories you want to share immediately. So, what will be your story?

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    Say hello to the nomi collective

We are a team of experienced and award-winning creatives. We’ve spent most of our careers in Germany’s leading agencies and have worked for the world’s finest brands. 


Your team at nomi will be as big or small as you need it to be. Therefor we can always guarantee to work fully focused and to get the best possible outtake on your task. No matter if it’s big or small – we always aim for making it great.


We develop creative brand- and communication strategy, concepts, stories and campaigns. And we‘d love to do that for you too.


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